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We can transform your kitchen or bathroom to whatever style you are looking for, from modern to French provincial, we can do it all. We take care of everything from re-building the floor area and walls to laying new pipes and electrical wires, then finish off the room in tiles and cabinets. To us every room is different as our customers and their needs, so our rooms are all individual and one off designs.


We cover all your needs

Di Vinci Studio specialises in providing solutions for all types of kitchens, washrooms and budgets. Whether you would like a design for small bathrooms or big ones, classic or modern, we can deliver on your expectations. Our team of skilled trade’s people will work with you to realise the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams.

Why choose us

We are proud of offering all our clients high quality customer service. We are the best providers of big and small bathroom and Kitchen renovation Melbourne; because we will take time to fully understand your expectations. When you choose to work with us you can be sure to receive high class service from a passionate team of specialists who strive to find the best small or custom bathroom and kitchen design ideas that suit your specific needs and budget. As registered Building Practitioners, we offer you peace of mind that works are done to spec's and regulations

We believe that everyone can have the bathroom or kitchen of their dreams. Your home is an investment, your bathroom or kitchen is a reflection of you, so invest in yourself.

We look at the whole room and the whole work space, and then decide on the colours, textures. This way we can begin to get ideas on the way the room should operate.


People often, when renovating, will buy a particular piece of furniture and then renovate the room to suit the piece. The end result is almost always something they have settled on, not what they envisioned. This is why we are here. If you are looking to create something extraordinary, then perhaps we have a solution for you.


During the Design aspect, we engage our cabinet makers together we can offer fantastic modern kitchen and bathroom renovation  design ideas that will suit your specific requirements. If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about the best bathroom and kitchen renovation Melbourne, please contact us today.



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